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      Pretreatment of Wastewater Energy Saving Treatment System

      The microelectrolysis technology is an ideal technology to process the organic wastewater with high concentration. This technology is applied into the treatment of the wastewater with high salt, difficult degradation and high colority. It can not only greatly lower COD and colority, but also can greatly improve the biodegradability of wastewater.

      This technology is to process the wastewater by utilizing the “primary battery” effect generated by the microelectrolysis stuffing filled in the microelectrolysis equipment in the case of no power). After the supply of water, numerous “primary battery” with 1.2 V of potential difference will be formed in the equipment. The “primary battery” will use the wastewater as the electrolyte and make the electrolytic oxidation and reduction treatment to the wastewater by the current generated from the discharging so as to realize the degradation of organic containment. The new matters generated during the treatment such as [?O H],[H],[O],Fe2+,Fe3+ can make the oxidization and reduction reaction with several components in the wastewater. For example, it can damage the chromophoric group or auxochrome group of colored matters in the colored wastewater, even break the chain so as to realize the degration and discoloring. Fe2+ generated will be further oxidized to Fe3 +. Their aquo-complex has strong adsorption-flocculation activity. Especially the ferric hydroxide and flocculant of ferric hydroxide colloid are generated after adding the alkali and adjusting PH value. Their flocculation ability is higher than the ferric hydroxide colloid hydrolyzed by common reagent. It can greatly flocculate dispersive small graduals, metallics and organic macromolecule in the water. Its work principle bases on the common effects of electrochemistry, oxidization-reduction, physical and flocculent setting. This technology has wide applicable scope, good treatment results, low cost, short treatment time, easy operation and maintenance, low power consumption. It can be widely used for the pretreatment and deep treatment of industrial wastewater.

      Technical Characters:
      (1) rapid reaction rate. The common industrial wastewater only need half or several hours;
      (2) can widely effect on the organic containments, for example, it has good degradation results for the degradation-resistant organic matter with the structure of azo fluorine, carbon double bond, nitro and halogeno-group.
      (3) Simple process flow, long service life, less investment, easy operation and maintenance, low operating cost and stable treatment results. A small number of microelectrolysis stuffing is only consumed during the processing. The stuffing only needs to be regularly added without change. The stuffing can be directly put during the addition.
      (4) The wastewater can be formed to the original ferrous or ferric ion in the water after the microelectrolysis processing. It has better flocculation than common flocculant. It is no necessary to add the ferric salt and other flocculant. With high removal rate of COD, it will not bring the second pollution to the water.
      (5) Have good flocculation results, colority, removal rate of COD. The same quantity can improve the biodegradability of water to a great extent.
      (6) This method can realize the phosphorous removal by chemical sedimentation and remove the heavy metal by reduction.
      (7) Use this technology for the wastewater pretreatment of established high concentration organic wastewater water processing engineering (not meet the standard). So, it is ensured the wastewater can be stably and normatively discharged after treatment. This technology can independently educe partial wastewater with high concentration during the production of wastewater and make the electrolytic treatment.
      (8) Each unit of this technology can be used as the single treatment method, as well as the pretreatment of biological treatment. It is good for the sedimentation of sludge and biofilm colonization. 

      Jiangsu Hongtong Petrochemical Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.
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      Contact: Miss?Xiong ? Phone: 86-13338110818 86-13506182505
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      Email:?wxhtsh@wxhtsh.com ??13338110818@163.com
      Add: No.8 Zhongxing Road, Zhuxi Industrial Park, Yixing, Wuxi City
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