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      污水節能處理系統 廢水節能處理系統 污水廢水處理系統
        手 機:13338110818 13506182505
        電 話:0510-80751858
        傳 真:0510-81010918
        網 址:www.emcesports.com ? www.wxhtsh.com
        郵 箱:wxhtsh@wxhtsh.com
        ???? ? ? ?13338110818@163.com
        地 址:江蘇省無錫市宜興竺西工業園中興路8號
      產品概述/Product overview
      Scraper film evaporator is an evaporation and distillation equipment of high efficiency which is used to distribute liquid and form uniform thin film for evaporation or distillation by high-speed rotation. It also has functions as deodorization, defoaming, heating and cooling unit operations, etc. It can be widely applicable to Chinese and Eastern pharmaceutical, food, light industry, petroleum, chemical industry, environment protection, etc.

      產品性能與特點/Product performance and features
      This equipment adopts centrifugal sliding groove rotor. Membrane can be formed under very low flow. The sediment contained in treatment liquid attached on inner wall surface in evaporation section of the cylinder can be quickly removed by movable scraper. Compared with scraper evaporator of fixed clearance, the evaporation amount can be increased by 40-69%.

      主要技術參數參考表/Reference table of main technical parameters

      電 話:0510-80751858 傳 真:0510-81010918
      聯系人:熊樹偉 手 機: 13338110818 13506182505
      網 址:www.emcesports.com www.wxhtsh.com
      郵 箱:wxhtsh@wxhtsh.com 13338110818@163.com
      地 址:江蘇省無錫市宜興竺西工業園中興路8號


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